‘UK businesses miss out on £84 billion a year due to poor people management’
Investors In People

Development needs are identified through a focused gap analysis conducted with the leadership team. From this I can build a bespoke programme utilising training, mentoring and coaching techniques. Each programme can be tailored to run one to two days a month over a period of time. This will allow new processes and behaviours to be fully embedded into the business.

I am also happy to work with clients in a pure coaching or training capacity if that is a better fit with the current development strategy.

Please call me on 07895 618 154 to discuss the best options for your business and leadership teams.

‘There is a statistically significant link between the quality of firms’ management processes and practices and their productivity. And the effect is large… This suggests potentially high returns to policies which improve the quality of management within companies.’

Andy Haldane – BOE Chief Economist