What is Ashley Rice Professional Development.

I help fast growth businesses develop high performing management teams through a bespoke blend of coaching, training and mentoring to enable them to step up and deliver the next stage of growth. My leadership programmes are run over 4-6 months to allow new processes, structure and behaviours to be embedded, reviewed and measured. This allows teams to consolidate on their learnings and gain a greater return on investment.

How can I help you?

Your business has grown. But now you have new challenges: to develop and lead your current and future managers to continue and accelerate that growth and to meet your ambitious financial objectives. You need to unleash the talent of the people you work with to build capability and create the right environment for their success. All too often this is forgotten and I can help with this.

These programmes:

  • Help managers manage their teams and workload more efficiently and effectively
  • Put in place structures and process that allow managers to scale up their teams and engage and retain high performers
  • Identify and develop future managers and directors within your company
  • Give CEOs and business owners a simple framework to manage and get the best from their leadership team
  • Reduce attrition and attract talent
  • Improve speed to productivity on new hires

‘Xerox Corporation carried out several studies on training. They determined that in the absence of follow-up coaching to their training classes, 87% of the skills change brought about by the program was lost.’

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